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What we do:


1. Educate business owners and self-employed business professionals on business basics.

2. Assess current state of a business and guide business owner through setting objectives and executing tasks that yield positive business impacts.

3. Guide in developing 90 Day Action Plan that addresses top business challenges or goals.

4. Educate business owner in setting up proper financial tracking and reporting procedures

5. Provide direction to business owner in planning the business instead of having no control of how the business is being run.

6. Critique and provide guidance on marketing efforts.

7. Work with and guide business owner in resolving team oriented challenges that are impacting the business.

8. Show business owners how to more effectively manage their and their teams' time in working “in” and working “on” the business.

9. Get business owner to systematize business activities to improve business efficiency and allow for future business growth.

10. Help business owners develop a comprehensive business plan.


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