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Business Planning Approach:

  • Each business client (owner) brings different situations and needs to an engagement

  • Brainstorming and collaborating necessary

  • Scope will vary and may be time dependent

  • Starting small is okay (similar to saving and investing)

  • Planning as ongoing, repeatable process with the right tools and resources



Strategic and tactical time-frames
Business plan - 90 day plan
Action plans for specific problems
Calendar / diary appointment prep
To Do Lists - Follow-up actions


Motivation - Accountability
Owner, team, contractors responsibilities
Ownership of items and actions
Time allotted / completion date


Business results achieved
What worked, what didn't work
Problems solved
Things that provide no business value

Macro, micro business impacts


Where you are, business baseline

Issues and challenges

Business aspirations (Goals)

Business commitments, promises

Business adjustments, changes

The Process


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